Code Name Owl is a blog about the journey of a junior developer finding their way in the industry, this blog will serve as a diary and resource for sharing things learned along the way from Microsoft SQL, C# and a little bit of front end development.

P.S I am also Vegan


Nobody likes adverts, they get in the way of meaningful content that is why you won’t find them here, we may use affiliate links from time to time but they will be explicitly marked when we do.

Tech Tech Tech

My workstation

My workstation is powered by an Apple Mac Book Pro 2012, the specs are below


Really, you want to know what Software I use? Alright then.


I love to listen to music while working, I have a Last.Fm profile, it is pretty new but if you’re interested there is that.

Under The Hood Of The Blog

We are all technical folk after all so why not share what I am using to power this blog.


This blog is powered by WordPress, there are other blogging platforms available but I just like what WordPress has to offer.


The blog is hosted by a UK company called, Big Wet Fish, they are pretty awesome.

The Theme

The blog theme is Nest Box a custom theme written using a tutorial provided by Tania Rascia I wanted a simple theme, no sidebar and no added extra’s that listed the posts available, using the tutorial and some inspiration Nest Box was built.


I don’t like to use too many plugins, too many plugins slow down proceedings, but these ones are the ones that power this blog at the moment.

Simple Lightbox

Allows for images to open in a nice lightbox without any code behind the scenes


Does some great things to uploaded images by removing unnecessary information and compressing them without losing quality….saving everyone bandwidth.

Yoast SEO

Does some wizardry with SEO.

Crayon Syntax Highlighter

This particular plugin allows me to post code directly onto the blog, keeping all the formatting nice and readable.

Google Authenticator

If you use two-factor authentication, this plugin adds Google Authentication to your blog’s login page so you need an extra login step to access to admin page…neat.

Google XML Sitemaps

Automagically generates sitemaps.

Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening

This plugin is pretty neat, it will scan your site and make sure no nasties are lurking in the shadows, it emails you when practically anything on your site changes.